The Jewel Green contact lenses create an elegant look that make these lenses ideal for social events. The light color tone coupled with the pigmentation can create a unique look, leaving a lasting impression that repeatedly turns heads.

With 42% water content, rest assured your eyes will experience the ultimate in comfort and wearability! And with an extended wear-cycle, you can wear one pair of lenses for up to one year when you care for them according to manufacturer instructions! All of our contacts are approved by the US FDA, among other health and safety standards– so you know your eyes are in the very best hands!

Available in not just non-prescription, but also myopia correction to -10.00 sph.

Jewel Green colored contact lenses create a vibrant shade of green by blending with your eye color
Available in both non-prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -10.00sph)
Sold as a pair of 2 lenses per piece.

Aqua Blue, brown, Gray, Green, Sky Blue, Violet